Monday, 19 March 2012

Writing Reflection #4 19/03/2012

Last week we wrote about moments in our lives that changed us, even in the littlest ways. I had trouble trying to think of something to write about at first, but once we got the idea sheets, I started to get a few ideas, and then I just started writing away. I think it could use a little work in making it more 'story-like', but I think it's a good length. As for my blog, I started out keeping it up to date, but lately I've been having troubles, because I usually finish up what I'm doing on the Blogger app on my phone, and it's been acting up - as in not letting me sign in sometimes and glitching. I've been trying to keep it up to date, and I think I have everything I need on here so far, but I was having issues last week with the app.

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