Monday, 12 March 2012


These are words from one of my favourite songs, Meddler by August Burns Red. "You won't ever fly fast enough to make time stand still." This line of the song struck me and I'm not sure why. It seems to use demotivation to get it's point across, even though there's more meaning behind it than that. We can't get too caught up in ourselves, we need to think of others, and it bothers me that people nowadays don't ever want to put others before themselves. No I'm not perfect and can sometimes be a little selfish, but I was raised to try to put others first. It's a big part of how my mind works so I wanted to do a Six Word Memoir about it, and it's a bonus that one of my favourite songs relates to this.

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  1. I like this six word memoir, i think it's pretty good how the picture is kind of blurry and it looks like you're going fast