Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Reading Response #3 15/03/2012

Sorry it's a little late, but my phone's Blogger app was not cooperating. While continuing reading Neverwhere, I found a paragraph that contradicts the darkness while they were on the bridge. "They went through the door. Richard shut his eyes, involuntarily, at the sudden flood of light: it stabbed into his head like a migraine." I find this contrast interesting because all throughout the book, Richard has been scared of, and trying to avoid the darkness, and now it's mentioning that he doesn't want to look at the light.
"Mr. Vandemar, on the other hand, simply walked. It was too consistent, too steady and inexorable a walk to be described as a stroll: Death walked like Mr. Vandemar." This quote also also made me think; by personifying Death, and comparing it to Mr. Vandemar really makes him sound like he should be feared. Also, by comparing Death to Vandemar, and not the other way around makes it seem Vandemar is scarier than death itself. Moving on: "He made a noise then- the cuck-koo that a cuckoo might make, if it were five and a half feet high and had a weakness for human flesh--while Mr. Vandemar, truer to his nature, threw back his bullet head and howled like a wolf, ghostly and feral and mad." Gaiman does a good job of making Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar seem like beastly creatures that should be feared by Door and Richard, by comparing them to wolves, or a five and a half foot tall flesh eating cuckoo....

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