Monday, 20 February 2012


This was the list I made: "list your favourite games to play". It didn't specify what type of games, so I decided to go and make a list of the thing that takes up 75% of my spare time. I chose to doodle this list because I find lots of inspiration within games because I play them so much, and with certain storylines I find uniqueness and interesting pieces that I find inspiring. It is one of my most time-consuming pasttimes therefore it would be one of the best places for me to find inspiration.

I like these games because I think they have an interesting storyline and they are unique compared to other games I've played. I would say Kingdom Hearts is my favourite game series of all time, because there is so much to it, so much storyline. It's just so interesting and deep because there's always more to know about it. I've played it for years and still these days I'm still discovering/realizing new things about it. It's definitely the most inspiring game I've ever played, with the most emotional storyline.

Gears of War
Kingdom Hearts
Dead Space

And to enhance my nerdiness I just wrote "list your favourite games to play" in daedric on the right side.


  1. I really enjoy this majestical magical masterpiece, I also enjoy the jolteon and the games that you drew are very well done and are some of my favorite games :D

  2. Awesome, I love your doodle. Those are some of my favorite games too. :) I've never actually played Gears of War, though.
    I really like the Jolteon and your daedric writing.

    1. Thanks :)You should play GoW, the campaign is really intense haha. I can usually draw a lot better and the daedric is kind of messy but there's only so much you can do with pens and sharpies :P