Wednesday, 16 May 2012

*Bucket List*

1.       See the Seven Wonders of the world

2.       Canoe through the Thousand Islands

3.       Visit Switzerland

4.       Go crowd surfing

5.       Save a life

6.       Visit every continent

7.       Have my 15 minutes of fame

8.       Visit somewhere haunted

9.       Have a bonfire on the coast

10.   Own a Siberian Husky

11.   Meet one of my favourite bands

12.   Ride an elephant

13.   Swim with dolphins

14.   Pet a lion

15.   Learn archery

16.   Learn how to play the mandolin

17.   Learn how to tango

18.   Learn how to salsa

19.   Learn how to play the sitar

20.   Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef

21.   Go firewalking

22.   Experience zero gravity

23.   Attend Mardi Gras

24.   Visit the Louvre

25.   Foster a child

26.   Adopt a child

27.   Fall in love

28.   Watch baby turtles hatch and run into the ocean

29.   Participate in La Tomatina

30.   Forge an actual piece of armor

31.   Go stage diving

32.   Ride a gondola in Venice

33.   Witness a solar eclipse

34.   Learn German

35.   Ride a camel

36.   Go on a safari

37.   See the Stonehenge

38.   See the pyramids of Giza

39.   Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

40.   Attend a Japanese tea ceremony

41.   Visit Hearst castle

42.   Attend the Day of the Dead

43.   Visit a planetarium

44.   Attend a masquerade ball

45.   Visit a tropical island with a group of friends

46.   Attend a carnival parade in Brazil

47.   Attend a Chinese lantern festival

48.   Go white water rafting

49.   Attend a full moon party in Thailand

50.   Go zorbing

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