Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Final Thoughts.

My favourite assignment in this course was probably The Buried Life project. It was fun, and really got me thinking about what to do with my life and how to live it the fullest. It wasn’t just an assignment; it was more like a life lesson saying there’s more to do than just sit around. My least favourite assignment would have to be Newspaper Blackout Poetry. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get anything rolling. All my attempts were a failure. I wasn’t too happy with my final product, either; they didn’t make sense to me and I couldn’t understand why everyone else’s were so good. The Friday reading was alright, but I was having troubles keeping up with the responses on Monday. I kept up at first, and then it became difficult as it went on. Along with the reading response, the writing reflections were hard to keep up with if I fell behind, although the content and ideas to write about were much easier. I personally liked using the WRN for personal additions better than putting them on my blog. I guess I just like putting things on paper rather than typing. Integrating technology into the course was a pretty cool idea though, considering the traditional form of writing is on paper. I like how we were taught different way to make sure our digital footprint stayed clean, and safe ways to put ourselves into the world via the internet. Twitter was also a good way to connect with our classmates and make responses to TBL projects that we had made. I find it made some people open up more to commenting and replying. During this course, I learned that I have a hard time getting started on the majority of projects idea-wise, but once I get the ball rolling it doesn’t stop until the project is done. I have some interesting and unique ideas and views on things, so when I can incorporate them into an assignment or a project it can end up being pretty different. I’d like to say I loved the course Ms. McLauchlan. It was really interesting, and it wasn’t at all what I expected. One thing I would add is perhaps a longer writing assignment in the future, perhaps an extended short story or something of the like. My advice to future students would be, if you have any really cool or unique ideas, use them. This is a course where you can really be creative and yourself, so use it to your advantage and enhance your creative (writing) side.

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